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“There is no interesting story about how I got a job at FIX”

Rita Gaybadullina — technical manager of one the FIX Group of Companies project tells about growth in the company and training new skills.

“In FIX I am constantly learning new technologies that are being actively introduced into our infrastructure”

Today in the center of attention Vasily — System Administrator of the FIX Group of companies

FIX gave me an understanding about what a real business is

Konstantin Mogilevkin started his work in FIX as a business analyst, and now he is head of the federal project. He will tell what is it — working in FIX.

HR — human regard

Konstantin Chernikov — HR business partner of one FIX's project — have told about his work in the Group of Companies FIX.

QA Lead in FIX

Maxim Golubev — Quality Assurance Leading engineer — about himself and work on Group of Companies FIX projects.

“I came to FIX in 2015 to the position named Manager of Internet projects”.

Katya works on the ePN — one of the largest AliExpress' partner in the world, which attracts customers and owns cashback service with several million users.