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HR — human regard

Konstantin Chernikov — HR business partner of one FIX's project — have told about his work in the Group of Companies FIX.

“My main duty is to take care about company's employees. This sounds very simple, but behind it lies a huge work: new HR-processes introduction, creation of a warm and friendly atmosphere, recruitment, so that I want my teammates being not just colleagues but like-minded people. In FIX, I have not only great opportunities to use the best practices in ‘talent management’, but also a huge responsibility — it was a kind of challenge.

I have to ask myself one question: ‘Will innovations make our company better or just become fashionable novelties?’ Actually HR processes affect the entire work of the company, it is important to improve without damaging already existing corporate culture and processes.

When I have time, I go to the gym, talk with friends, and try to ‘develop’ myself in all meanings of this word :)"