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Our company is a globalization guide

At the present moment, most part of the business is in online segment, online sales are increasing so companies need to attract intended users to own distribution platform.

Being experienced in Internet traffic attraction, we create IT-projects whereby companies are able to find and cooperate with new clients directly. We attract partners using referral programs, work with opinion shapers and build mechanic of product distribution to end-user’s wallet.

We are always inspired by companies which are oriented on basic users and talking the same language. Those, who could grow serious business from the ordinary start-up and become a huge corporation as Google, Yandex, Alibaba Group, Vkontakte and others. We are interested in partnership with global corporations and perspective local companies and start-ups. Applying online technologies to the traditional business, we help local companies to develop and go beyond their region areas. Creating platforms for global projects allows to expand a sphere of influence on regional markets.

People are the main value for us

Experienced specialists in IT area with comprehensive knowledges and competence who implemented projects successfully. For this reason, we aspire to develop and support our team regardless of the work an employee do, it can be developer, support-manager, or manager. Each of us becomes part of one big team – Fix group of companies.

What attracts us in our work?

We don’t have an absolute answer, but our projects are always complicated, interesting and unconventional solutions for business, which help our clients to fatten their profit and reduce time expenditures.