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“I came to FIX in 2015 to the position named Manager of Internet projects”.

“I came to FIX in 2015 to the position named ‘Manager of Internet projects’. And started to work with analytics and project management.

I had an opportunity to speed up the development, introduce new regulations and make the project management process even more effective.

We have been grown up, and I have taken on new responsibilities: worked with the reputation of project, wrote news, participated in conferences.

And now I have reached certain level of development strategy, identification of goals, definition of tasks, their distribution and control over implementation.

During this time our staff increased more than 2 times. We continue improving our service, which is so competitive on the world market.

I spend my free time as 90% of people. I take some old stuff, think about what can do with it, select the necessary supplies and transform. I love small trips to other cities, always on car or by train”.