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QA Lead in FIX

Maxim Golubev — Quality Assurance Leading engineer — about himself and work on FIX Group of Companies projects

“I have worked in CISCO, IBM and Intel. I tested Embeded, worked with runtime. But in FIX I have discovered the world of the web and began to develop on this subject.

I run tests, set up the environment, write documentation, answer questions about our system. When you constantly work with the system, you learn it better and learn how automate processes. Now I understand better nginx, tarantool, postgres, django and selenium.

In general, I have noticed how much our QA team grew up during my work and how they get additional skills. For example, in FIX, I learned to work also as a mentor for new testers: help them with some difficult issues and give assignments. Recently, I have spent cycle of lectures for KFU and KNRTU-KAI students about QA as a profession.

In my spare time I solve puzzles. I share them with colleagues, and want them to solve too :)

I love math, algorithms, data structures. I write programs on the Python at home, I configure virtual machines. In my free time, I watch videos on YouTube, play computer games and participate in volunteering”.