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FIX gave me an understanding about what a real business is

Konstantin Mogilevkin started his work in FIX as a business analyst, and now he is head of the federal project. He will tell what is it — working in FIX.

"My daily duties are bringing happiness and satisfaction to the customer from the project I realize :). To motivate the team for new achievements and to give them opportunity to reveal their full potential by engaging in an interesting, non-trivial and highly intellectual activity to create a new product, which has never been before in Russia.

I try to manage people who are smarter than me and operate with incomprehensible English words, make bugs, find them and improve the quality of the functionality provided to the customer. It takes a lot of time to make decisions, it can be very difficult, but they make me strong and confident in myself. I strive to ensure that before the word ‘professional’ there are two letters ‘IT’. Earlier I was a business consultant, worked in consulting and didn't directly handle IT-projects. For me it was a kind of challenge.

I haven't enough free time, the project is very dynamic. I'm not afraid of this word - it was and it is the most difficult task in the work plan, which I have ever decided in my life. In my spare time, looking at our monitoring system, I go on snowboarding, play Brain games and read business literature. I'm fond of quantum physics and science. I like to get intellectual ‘orgasms’ from steep movies and books.

FIX gave me an understanding of what a real business is, what a fast-growing project is and how to make complex decisions, and that you need to do it quickly if you want to be competitive. He gave me the opportunity to make mistakes and become steeper every day.

I want to make FIX cooler, bring my project to a new level, become a business partner and to plan the strategy and tactics for the development of a group of companies with top management. I want my friends never to confuse FIX with the company FIX price :) "