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“There is no interesting story about how I got a job at FIX”

Today Rita, the technical manager of the project, will tell about herself, her work and the Group of Companies FIX.

“There's no interesting story about how I got a job at FIX. Everything in the usual way, I responded to the vacancy for headhunter and invited to an interview, then to the next and invited to the company. This was in 2015.

I came to the position of an engineer for software quality control. I was engaged in testing tasks, improving the quality of our product. During this time, our team has grown strongly both qualitatively and quantitatively, many new projects have appeared.

Now I'm a technical project manager. I communicate with customers and collect requirements, communicate with developers and testers, write documentation, analyze the system, put and monitor the progress of tasks, try to improve the business process.

During my work here I acquired a lot of new technical skills, I realized how different people are, how developers, testers and analysts differ. That each of them needs their own approach and how important it is for productive work and achievement of the best results. We have a friendly team, we often meet together outside of working hours. And we spend this time very fun.

I like to do needlework, the best way is for me to crochet small amigurumi toys. It is interesting that I have no toys at home, I knit them all for someone. I love fresh air and actively spend my free time, spend it with family and friends and visit new places”.