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FIX Group of companies was founded in 2006 in Kazan

On IT-market we have grown from Internet traffic-attracting startup to the holding company with international projects.

FIX Group of companies follows the principle of an internal incubator. Our projects are born and developed within the company interacting with other projects of FIX.

Our offices are places where nice and cozy environment doesn’t distract from work and concentration. It is very important for us to create conditions that help employees in self-fulfillment, including a convenient workplace.

We are united by the tasks that we set

The FIX group of companies employs developers and designers, technical support and testers, customer service and marketing. Level of professionalism is different: junior, heads, seniors and beginners.

Our employees are provided with professional training, trips to the conference. And also sports and English courses.

We sincerely want to develop faster and believe that this is possible only among like-minded people and talented people.

We take our work seriously and responsibly. And during corporate party we can organize office hockey championship, go sailing, ride snowboards and bicycles, play live chess.