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Open City

In 2011 the “Open City“ project was launched in Kazan, which goal was to ensure transparency in the work of municipal and infrastructural services, as well as to increase the efficiency of their work. The most problematic area of the country was chosen to start with — housing and communal services. “Open City” is the first in Russia and still unique system for the country that connects a resident of the city, an executive committee employee, a management company and the final contractor in a contract organization, which is more important.

With the help of the “Open City“ system, over 1.5 million appeals from the citizens of the country have been successfully solved, efficiency in the work of management companies and contractors has been increased. The system has a huge set of data about every house, which is in the project's database, its elements, physical wear and tear. An intelligent mechanism for estimating and forecasting the state of structural elements and the entire house as a whole has been implemented within the project frame.

“Open City“ is constantly expanding the geography of the presence. Now, it works in several cities of the Tatarstan Republic, in the Chechen Republic, the Komi Republic and a number of other cities.